lunes, 5 de octubre de 2009


Roberto Micheletti,

By Dr. Alvaro Albornoz,
PhD in Constitutional Law
Lawyer Summa Cum Laude,
Venezuelan University Professor

Nobody in HONDURAS ever imagined the extraordinary performance staged by Dr. Roberto Micheletti regarding the institutional conflict his great nation is facing. After serving as Chairman of the Honduran Congress and not being very popular in politics, he had to assume his country’s presidency, according to the mechanisms foreseen in the Honduran Constitution and by the unanimous consent of all members present at that historical meeting, thus becoming today the undisputed and most admired leader of that Central American country.

The greatness, courage, bravura and dignity shown by Micheletti is unparalleled in history. He has been one of the few presidents in the world who has not bent his back before Chavez, one who has not sold his homeland in exchange for petrodollars, but instead has faced up very firmly the expansionist ambitions of Chavez’ Castro-communist regime and has prevented him from taking hold of his government as he has done in Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua, among others. Micheletti has gallantly defended his homeland as Morazán and Lempira did in the past. He has taken control of the constitutional government and in a democratic and honest way is implementing the necessary steps to bring the Honduran conflict to a successful conclusion. He conducts consultations with other State organs on transcendental issues, and also with presidential candidates.

It has not been easy for President Micheletti to conduct his provisional government because he has had to deal with a powerful force full of petrodollars and malice, with the intent to destroy democracy in HONDURAS. It is not about former President Zelaya, who, after all is just a poor puppet of Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chávez; it has to do with an hegemonic and expansionist plan seeking to install an oppressive communist regime everywhere in the Americas and the world. President Micheletti and the Honduran people are figthing against that with their glorious Armed Forces. They struggle to ensure freedom, peace and democracy to their citizens. And by so doing, they are helping the people of America, now oppressed by these faker dictators, to also get rid of them and to get away from the nightmare they are enduring.

President Micheletti has taught them a great lesson concerning moral values and moral principles to others, namely unethical Presidents who have sold their dignity and that of their people for a few petrodollars given to them by the Venezuelan dictatorship, regardless of the situation being experienced by the homeland of Bolívar, where a citizen by merely looking out of the front door of his house can loose his life due to the generalized insecurity there, since Venezuela is one of the most violent and dangerous countries in the world, regardless of the fact that corruption in Venezuela is the most brutal, never yet seen in our history; the government has become a true kleptocratic regime; regardless of the fact that Venezuela has the second highest inflation rate in the world; not to mention that in Venezuela the health system has collapsed and patients are dying because of poor medical facilities and lack of resources; not withstading that Venezuela's public schools are falling apart for lack of government maintenance; not to mention that Venezuela persecutes political dissenters and they are excluded from holding any public office and from receiving any State benefit; in spite of the dire human rights violations committed by the State with impunity, not being submitted to any control from other State organs, since there is no separation and autonomy among public authorities.

Those Presidents who receive our money depriving us from our needs and problems, have no moral or ethical right to interfere with the affairs of HONDURAS because they only do so to continue receiving free dollars and Venezuelan oil, and do not take into account democracy and freedom of their peoples.

That is the reason why, amid so much garbage, a giant has emerged, a colossus with extraordinary dignity difficult to find in modern times: that is President Micheletti, who is not only rightly admired by his own people but is also by millions of Latin Americans who wish there were many Micheletti in our countries.

It is about time that other Presidents, also victims of the excesses of Chavez, stand up, help our Honduran brothers and prevent these reactionary forces to achieve their goals. HONDURAS needs that Presidents Alvaro Uribe from Colombia, Ricardo Martinelli from Panama and Alan García from Peru strongly protest against Chavez’s interventionist behavior, as well as that of Lula da Silva now in HONDURAS. If they don’t do it, Latin American democracy is in danger and your turn could be next. Be assured that the new targets of communism are Colombia, Panama and Peru. You have the floor, otherwise you shall weep as women for that you could not defend like men.

In this regard, it is unusual that the Chavez regime has delivered a replica of our Simón Bolívar’s sword and has bestowed the Order of the Liberator to Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi, to Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, and to Cuba's Castro brothers, four of the worst dictators in the world, the most genocidal, murderous and corrupt in the history of mankind. This reveals the true intentions of Lt. Col. Chavez and what his role models and imitate.

We must therefore place the Honduran conflict in its true dimensions and try to see what really stands behind that scenario. President Micheletti has fought virtually alone against such powerful forces with plenty of money that have financed Mr. Zelaya and his mobs of criminals who have destroyed part of the country, thereby showing that they neither love their homeland nor their children.

President Micheletti has proven to be a true statesman and a champion of democracy. Should he be successful, as we all wish him, and triumphally accomplishes his mission, we are confident that he will be proclaimed soon America’s new Liberator for having freed HONDURAS from communism and sown the seed of liberation from Castro Chavism in the rest of the Americas. He therefore would deserve receiving the replica of Bolivar’s sword and the Order of the Liberator, which should be rightly bestowed on him by the democratic and decent government that will eventually replace the current Venezuelan kleptocracy.

*Translated by: Silvio Aviléz Gallo The SEA spoke to me about its grandiosity, its strength, its immensity ... I told it of HONDURAS, its people, its institutions, and it felt itself insignificant ... (Paraphrase of a poem by Jorge Sarabia)

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  1. Dear Dr. Albornoz: this is a great article regarding the topic. Congratulations and thanks for your moral support to my country. Unfortunately, I think the international representatives visiting Honduras today are blind and deaf to what most people in the country realy want: Zelaya out of office for ever.
    Best wishes.