domingo, 26 de julio de 2009

HONDURAS, You Are Not Alone!

HONDURAS, You Are Not Alone!
By: Dr. Álvaro Albornoz
Doctor in Constitutional Law
Scientiarum Magíster in Administrative Law
Masters in Political Science
Specialist in Administrative Law
Lawyer, Summa Cum Laude (UCAB)
Venezuelan University Professor

From now on HONDURAS must be written with all capital letters, in large, as what it is: an extraordinary, grand nation; noble, worthy and beautiful. A nation giving the world, with each day that passes, a huge lesson — a lesson in courage and honor. HONDURAS is teaching the peoples of the world what respect to the Constitution and to its sovereignty is.

Even though most countries and international organizations have pronounced themselves against the constitutional succession of the President of HONDURAS; even though they have classified the event as a coup d’état; and have consequently unleashed an unjust and ferocious persecution against the Central American nation — fanned by the Castrist-Chavist, communist axis of Latin America, it’s amazing and comforting to see how HONDURAS, its people and its institutions don’t bend before evil, but quite the opposite, show themselves stronger each time and more united in their ideals of liberty and freedom. Evidently, that group isn’t satisfied with destroying the countries it — regrettably — governs, but seeks to put its bloody claws over HONDURAS as well, to expand its drug-trafficking business and spread its retrograde communism in that territory.

Don’t believe, “Catracho” brothers, that you are alone. No! There are millions of us in the world, honest and decent people who support you, who pray for you, who stand to applaud you, and who add our solidarity to your actions in defense of your sovereignty and your government system. Additionally, many governments have begun to wake up and to recognize what is a normal situation within the framework of a Constitution. Hence the position of Israel, Taiwan, Panama and Colombia, among others.

Don’t worry if you feel isolated or cornered by the international community, because those who attack you are immoral people with no qualms and no sense of respect for human rights. They are the type of people who don’t mind stepping on the dignity of a nation to satisfy their hunger to perpetuate themselves in power for their own benefit, in detriment of the collective one. You on the other hand, Honduran brothers, make up one of the worthiest and most magnanimous nations on this earth, and should not fret because countries governed by perverse, vicious presidents don’t back you.

The most supreme being, God, who protects you and cares for you every moment, supports you. And the true democrats of the world — those of us who know what it means to have an abusive, corrupt president who violates human rights and legal order — support you. Furthermore, all your institutions, your armed forces and the vast majority of Hondurans agree with what happened. And that’s what matters. You are sovereign and you are the ones who exercise authority in your territory.

As a Venezuelan I am ashamed of the terrorist actions spearheaded by my country’s government against HONDURAS. On behalf of millions of honest, hard-working and decent Venezuelans who don’t agree with this attitude, I ask for your forgiveness and beg you not to think that all Venezuelans are like the regime that attacks you today. We are your brothers and your admirers.

If a new government in Venezuela offered me a public post, I would ask to be named Ambassador to HONDURAS. And if I were to be born again and God gave me the opportunity to choose my nationality, I wouldn’t hesitate to ask him to make me a “Catracho!”

So brothers, don’t be afraid, don’t loose faith; everything will be all right. Feel proud because contemporary history will be divided in two phases: Before HONDURAS and After HONDURAS. God bless you eternally.

Published by Dr. Alvaro Albornoz
Translation by Iris Amador (Hondureña)
Sunday, July 26, 2009

* “Catracho” is the name Hondurans call themselves, after Honduran Gen. Florencio Xatruch, a courageous defender of Central American sovereignty in the 1800’s. A mispronunciation of his last name, to refer to the men he commanded, gave way to the popular appellative.

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  1. Thank you, Dr. Alborno. Sorry that I do not speak Spanish and I think you for having your letter translated. Yours is one of he best I have seen to date.

    Even though our government in America does not recognize the actions of HONDURAS as legal, many Americans do and we stand beside HONDURAS in upholding their constitution.

    If I may, I wrote in support of HONDURAS as well and would like to add my words to yours, Stay Strong Honduras, You May Be Freedoms Last Stand.

    Freedom loving people of the world, you must also speak out in support of HONDURAS. If they fall, so do we.

  2. You are both bold and brave, Dr. Albornoz, and well-worthy of HONDURAN citizenship! To read these words from such an educated legal scholar - and Venezuelan no less - should "wake up" many who are misinformed on this situation.

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  4. Dr. Alvaro Albornoz: I just hope that the world starts soon to see what you see for the good of Honduras, who only wants to go on in peace. We are guilty of following our own constitution's laws and because of it, the international community has shut us down, not wanting to know the real truth and only seeing the superficial masquarade done by Zelaya and Chavez. All catrachos would be more than happy to welcome you as a Catracho! Thanks for those wonderful words.